Unleashing Creativity and Innovation at TikTok!

TikTok is celebrated for its swift expansion, embracing the motto, 'we build fast together'. This philosophy isn't just about rapidly evolving our ideas; it's also about embracing unconventional thinking and backing each other in these endeavors. The opportunities for personal and corporate growth here are immense.

Innovation is the heartbeat of TikTok, and it springs from every corner and source. Chelsea Alahakone, a member of the Trust and Safety team, reflects on her early days here, saying, "During my first week, I was told, 'there's a place for everyone here at TikTok'. I can proudly attest to witnessing this ethos in action daily. My colleagues hail from diverse backgrounds, each bringing invaluable perspectives, approaches, and solutions to the same challenges. It's through this rich tapestry of fresh ideas that we thrive and evolve together."

Our shared mission is to create and evolve together, and it fuels every facet of our work. From the very start of your career here, you'll find TikTok leaders who are eager to support and nurture all conceivable ideas and the individuals propelling them. We have biannual performance reviews and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in place to assist people in defining and achieving their ambitious objectives.

TikTok thrives when its employees embrace change and aren't afraid to venture beyond their comfort zones, even if it means posing challenging questions. Take the Trust and Safety team, for instance; their daily mission is to ensure TikTok remains a safe platform for everyone through content moderation, policy development, and product management. When Alahakone encountered an issue where a user's concern wasn't promptly addressed, she didn't just ask "what's broken in the process?" but instead questioned, "why do we have this process in the first place?" It's this kind of forward-thinking that drives our success.

This embodies one of TikTok's core values, what we affectionately call "ByteStyle": the commitment to "Seek Truth and be Pragmatic." Whether it's Trust and Safety team members like Chelsea, our Global Business Solutions colleagues who contribute to the platform's revenue growth, or the Marketing & Comms teams shaping the ever-evolving TikTok narrative, we don't rely on quick fixes or traditional approaches just for the sake of tradition. Instead, there's a constant drive to optimize our platform and our methods of operation.

If you're considering a career at TikTok, we encourage you to take the leap and apply! There are boundless opportunities to make a positive impact, bring joy to yourself, your colleagues, and over a billion users across the globe. Start exploring available positions today and be a part of our exciting journey.

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