Exploring TikTok's Growth: A Numerical Breakdown

It's hard to grasp that TikTok began its journey in 2018 – time flies indeed! Driven by our goal to spark creativity and spread happiness among users, the platform has experienced remarkable growth in various aspects. Let's dive into the statistics to see how much it has evolved.

Currently, TikTok boasts a global presence with offices spread across six continents (with the whimsical hope of reaching Antarctica someday). Our dedicated team, comprising thousands of employees, works tirelessly to pioneer industry-first innovations every day. Emphasizing data security, we've invested a substantial $1.5 billion to safeguard the data of our U.S. users and businesses. Additionally, we're dedicating €1.2 billion to establish local data storage facilities in Dublin and Oslo, catering to our European audience. Indeed, when businesses aim to create a significant impact, TikTok is their go-to platform.


Globally, TikTok has become an indispensable tool for small businesses. In Southeast Asia alone, over 15 million independent enterprises utilize the platform to showcase and promote their offerings.

In the United Kingdom, the contributions of small businesses on TikTok have significantly boosted the economy, adding more than £1.6 billion to the nation's GDP last year. Remarkably, over 55% of these small business owners on TikTok belong to ethnic minority groups, showcasing TikTok's dedication to fostering an inclusive environment that not only recognizes diversity but also celebrates it. Furthermore, a substantial 75% of these entrepreneurs reported that TikTok has positively influenced their capacity to connect with customers throughout the UK.

TikTok's reach is extensive, with an impressive user base. In Europe, the platform enjoys the patronage of over 100 million users, while in North America, this figure surpasses 150 million. We are deeply appreciative of every user who finds joy in discovering new music, fashion, and connections through our platform.


Observing TikTok's role in enhancing education, fostering community engagement, and especially supporting small businesses has been incredibly motivating," notes Jennifer Kim, a leader in Talent Acquisition. "We are enthusiastic about continuing to assist them in flourishing and engaging with our diverse and dynamic TikTok community.

The success in establishing a secure and efficient platform for buyers, creators, and all users owes much to the commitment of our diverse teams, each specializing in different areas. The Trust and Safety team plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and inclusive environment on the platform. The TikTok LIVE team has carved out a space where the TikTok community can collectively immerse in cultural experiences in real time. Alongside these, the contributions of the Legal, Marketing, and Infrastructure teams are invaluable. With a variety of roles available, there are ample opportunities for individuals to forge their own career paths in every field.

One particular statistic resonates deeply with us: half of our users report that using TikTok brings them happiness. As a company dedicated to sparking creativity and spreading joy, the happiness of our community is at the heart of everything we undertake.


Embarking on a career at TikTok means joining a fast-growing company that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of countless small business owners, creators, and users worldwide.

Our global presence, with offices spanning the world, enables us to effectively cater to our diverse and dynamic community. Regardless of your location, your contributions will have a significant impact. We're excited about the possibilities the next five years hold. Discover career opportunities close to you today.

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