Bringing the Rhythms of TikTok to Life in Indonesia!

TikTok is synonymous with music for many. It has transformed the music industry, altering how artists release their music and engage with their audience – a global community of over a billion music enthusiasts. With the introduction of TikTok Music in Indonesia, our latest service for streaming complete versions of discovered tracks, we're elevating the listening experience to a whole new level. This is a thrilling era for music aficionados, and it's all thanks to the passionate team behind the platform. We had a chance to chat with Tricia, Gale, and Matthew at the TikTok offices in Jakarta, who shared insights into their creative efforts in making TikTok Music an innovative and engaging platform.

Using TikTok Music is a breeze," remarks Tricia Dizon, the Country Group Head for TikTok Music in Southeast Asia. "It's integrated with TikTok, so when a music enthusiast comes across a song they enjoy in a video, they can simply click a button and be instantly taken to TikTok Music to hear the entire track. This provides a fun and seamless music discovery experience.

The team behind the growth of TikTok Music is as expansive and varied as the platform's extensive song library. While some members bring a tech-focused background, many others have a rich history and deep connections within the music industry.

Gale Dewo, a Product and Business Operations Lead on the team, shares, "TikTok Music stands out from other music platforms due to the diverse range of unique perspectives involved in its development. I promote open brainstorming sessions within our team to nurture top-notch ideas. Additionally, we actively examine other music services and participate in offline events to gain insights into what's effective and what needs improvement.

This atmosphere of open collaboration and inquisitiveness enables the team to move beyond traditional industry practices, allowing them to innovate and diverge from the usual way of doing things.

Dewo highlights a key feature that sets TikTok Music apart: "Our user interface stands out distinctly from other music streaming services. It's an experience that's quintessentially TikTok – users can swipe up to discover a variety of songs tailored to their preferences, and they have the ability to like and comment on their favorite artists' tracks. This platform is designed with social interaction in mind. In fact, it's not uncommon for musicians to respond directly, connecting with their fans!

Matthew Tanaya, who oversees Artist Promotions in Indonesia, observes, "TikTok has revolutionized how people find new music. Having firsthand experience in aiding artists to expand their reach on the platform, I understand the importance of making their music easily accessible. When users find a song they adore on TikTok, they often wish to replay it repeatedly. With TikTok Music now in the picture, it offers a streaming platform where people can instantly find and fully enjoy their newfound favorite songs.

Beyond Indonesia, TikTok Music has also made its debut in Singapore, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil, harboring aspirations to expand into many more countries. Echoing Dewo's sentiments, Tanaya emphasizes that such growth is achievable only with a team that deeply understands the musical preferences of TikTok users and is committed to effectively bridging the gap between them and the music they seek.

"Our diverse team includes editors, programmers, library specialists, and label relations experts, all collaborating to intuitively understand our audience's desires (pun not intended)," explains a team member. They have been experimenting with various approaches to devise captivating programs and effectively promote artists to their ideal audiences – and this is just the beginning of their journey.

Tanaya, Dewo, and Dizon unanimously agree that for anyone aspiring to be part of the TikTok Music team, possessing creativity and a passion for reaching new heights is essential. Dizon remarks, "Given the fast-paced nature of our industry, changes happen rapidly. There's always space for innovative ideas. At TikTok, we don't begin with limitations.

Dewo concurs, emphasizing the importance of flexibility: "Maintaining an open mind is crucial. Avoid constraining your ideas from the outset. Here, we provide an environment where ambitious and bold concepts can truly thrive."

Are you inspired by the idea of transforming the music industry with an innovative platform? Check out the available roles on our team here.

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